Raya Max Shines With New Single ‘Starlight’

Harry Fenn

Recently popular music has seen a massive resurgence of the sounds of the 70s and 80s, with the Moog making a spectacular comeback and tracks such as Raya Max’s new disco single ‘Starlight’. Raya studied the vocals stylings of some of the greats, such as Patti Labelle and Tina Turner, with her songwriting style being slightly reminiscent of Stevie Wonder. ‘Starlight’ uses a traditional soul song format and is guaranteed to get you moving with its catchy groove and a hook that can only be described as the most pleasant of earworms.

Raya is a London-based Ghanaian-British singer-songwriter. She says her goal is to revive our inner disco divas as we begin to emerge from the tough time we’ve all had this year. The lyrics encapsulate this idea of escapism and being free as she talks about being trapped in an unhappy time in her life.

‘Starlight’ was written and produced entirely by Raya herself. Her unique style is evident as she has incorporated some of her African musical heritage in the multi-instrumental layers and has created a dance-floor classic for all to enjoy. Raya’s energy in this track is totally infectious, and the hook will be firmly lodged in your brain for the foreseeable future and will keep you in a good mood all the while.

‘Starlight’ will be released on the 21st of June this year, just in time for UK restrictions to be lifted (hopefully!).

Instagram: @rayamaxofficial Website: www.rayamaxofficial.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/raya-max