R Zak’s Enthralling Electro-Indie Album ‘Dialects’

Harry Fenn

Last week, Oregon-based artist R Zak released her new album Dialects; 13 tracks of hypnotic and entrancing music which will not only be stuck in you head for days to come but reinstate your belief in originality. Having been exposed to a huge variety of music growing up, R Zak’s music is an exciting amalgam of styles and genres. Whether it’s the spellbinding and relentless synths in her track ‘The White Birds’ or ‘Silver Slow Moving’ which feels more like a classic indie track with a unique twist, there truly is something for everyone on this album. 

Having completed a Bachelor’s degree and then two Master’s, R Zak is now a teacher and she passes on her music making philosophy to her pupils:

“There’s no real training or even protocol when it comes to real music-making. There is only immersion. It just becomes a physical need for truth. The music simply has to come to life through you; you are just a vessel for it.”

Dialects is nothing if not immersive. If you listen to the whole thing in one sitting (as I recommend you do), every track will surprise and delight you with a new and original style, with beautiful ethereal vocals being the silver thread that runs throughout the album. 

Inspired by artists such as Bjork and Beirut, it’s easy to hear their influence in some of the tracks, such as the genuinely intoxicating ‘El Lagarto Está Llorando’. But R Zak’s style transcends her influences as she has created something genuinely original, so whilst one can hear the direction from which the track came, it’s impossible to know where it’s going.

Keep up to date with R Zak here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/r_zak_music/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rzakmusic
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5VvsNGHv5eT3PrKr7rUGga?si=EbdL1LuTSKWRhfyBNcl4qw
Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/rzakmusic