JC Stormz Out of Lockdown With New Single ‘Why We Do’

Harry Fenn

With no Rap or Grime scene to speak of in his home town on the Isle of Man, JC Stormz has managed to garner support from all over the UK and has started to gain a reputation as one the up and coming stars of UK Rap. His new single ‘Why We Do’ is two and a half minutes of self-reflective, honest and witty lyrics and I have to say, I must admire the wordplay which other artists so often get wrong. His musicality and natural talent shine through throughout this track with crushing synths providing brilliant backing and featured artist Sly the Kid nailing it.

Notably, JC Stormz has attracted the attention of BBC Introducing Manchester with DJ Roesh saying:

‘JC Stormz has been bringing out some big music lately, he’s been working a lot’

‘Why We Do’ is about – perhaps this is obvious – why JC Stormz does what he does and he gives particular reference to his productivity during lockdown. As someone who knows a lot of musicians, I can tell you that a lot of people have struggled to find the motivation to write and record new music in the current climate; so it is admirable that ‘lockdown’s got [him] busy’. Since late last year, JC Stormz has released 10 singles and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Somehow, as well as his booming career in music, JC Stormz finds the time to run a business promoting a plant-based diet; something which inspires him not just in life but in his work as an artist.

Later this year, JC Stormz will be taking on classic hip-hop and R&B tracks and reinventing them with his particular brand of rhythm and flow that clearly comes so naturally to him. But in the meantime, we have 10 singles to enjoy, including the brand new ‘Why We Do’.

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