Gigs Are Back!

Featured Image by Veld Music Festival

There’s nothing quite like live music. Being able to feel the energy of the artist and soak up the atmosphere is second to none. So this year has been challenging for regular gig-goers. Grassroots venues have also really struggled with many having to close their doors for good. But finally, we have some good news on these fronts.

The Music Venue Trust (MVT) has claimed that at least 2534 socially distanced events will take place in 266 grassroots venues across the UK between the 17th of May and the 21st of June. If the road map set out by our lord high commander at Number 10 stays on track then gigs will be at full capacity from the 21st of June onwards. 17,000 live events are scheduled to take place across the country by September this year – this means over 90,000 individual performances with an audience of nearly 7 million people, which offers around 300,000 musicians the chance to return to work.

All of this comes after a pilot event in Liverpool, which apparently went very well. Musicians happy to be working and fans excited to be back. The event was the result of a year of meticulous planning and has been hailed as a great step forward in showing how live music can return post COVID.

Harry Fenn