Adam Lanceley Continues to Fight Back with New Album ‘Welcome to the Next Century’

Harry Fenn

The power of music can never be overestimated. From helping Alzheimer’s patients to that bit in the King’s Speech where he can speak perfectly well with music playing, music truly is a universal language and can get anyone through tough times.

Never has this been better epitomised by Adam Lanceley. A high-achiever and talented sportsman, Adam was involved in a near-fatal car accident when he was just 10 years old, which left him with life-changing injuries. With a crushed pelvis, shattered legs and a severe brain injury, he defied the odds after his doctors told him he was unlikely to ever walk or talk again. He didn’t just prove them wrong, he went from strength to strength, taking his recovery to the extreme, running marathons and releasing a steady stream of music as a singer songwriter.

Adam still lives with serious mental health issues including PTSD, anxiety and depression. Inspired by a love of The Beach Boys, he has found comfort and solace in music – particularly in their classic hit ‘God Only Knows’. Since 2012, Adam has released 7 albums, an EP, and last year a single entitled ‘Deliverance’ – a level of productivity of which most of us can only dream.

The year just gone has been hard on so many people’s mental health and Adam is no exception. He explains that music helped him deal with the situation:

‘…[the new tracks] were written and recorded during lockdown. Doing this then helped me to escape some of the stress of the situation and almost take myself away to a sunnier, more care-free place.’

And now, we can hear the end result. Welcome to the Next Century is a collection of upbeat, foot tapping tracks with melodic guitar riffs and thoughtfully written lyrics. Look out in particular for the driving beat in ‘Just Looking For Some Fun’ that is exactly what it says on the tin – fun. It is clear from every track on the album that this is a project that was undertaken simply for the fun of it – for the love of music. It’s a mix of sounds and styles that work well together, from the thoughtful intro to the country style production in ‘Summer of Love’.

Whilst all of the tracks were recorded in lockdown, Adam explained that Welcome to the Next Century was always intended to be released in brighter times. So as COVID restrictions begin to ease, the album has been released. Give it a listen for a dose of well-needed escapism.


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