Boomtown Fair Cancelled for the Second Year Running

Featured Image by Lucas Sinclair/Boomtown Fair

Last week it was announced that Boomtown Fair festival would not go ahead for the second year in a row. Of course, last year all festivals were cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. However this year, we all got too bored of sitting inside and talking to friends and family on Zoom and realised we had to find a way to get on with things. Events such as Boomtown have been desperately trying to find a way to run a safe festival with as many people in attendance as possible; with measures in place such as the removal of public showers and better sound systems to allow the audience to hear from further away, things were looking good.

With less than four months to go, the organisers cited an absence of appropriate insurance regarding cancellations due to COVID. In a post on the Boomtown website, they explained that they have been campaigning for almost 6 months of COVID specific cancellation insurance but to no avail.

‘…anyone putting on an event this year, will be doing so without the safety net of insurance to cover them should COVID prevent them from going ahead in any capacity… this means a huge gamble into an 8-figure sum to lose if we were to venture much further forward, and then not be able to go ahead due to COVID.’

It’s disappointing news for any ticket holders but I can certainly see where they’re coming from. All tickets (which sold out in February) will automatically roll over into 2022 and full refunds available should they be requested. Those refunded tickets with go on sale on the 1st of June, so keep a look out on the Boomtown website.

I’m thinking maybe cancelling this year might have been a good move. I’d love to think that we’re nearing the end of this dystopian nightmare but it’s not over yet. Perhaps by August, when festivals are due to take place, infection and death rates will be way down and it’ll be looking good. But surely the fact that high command in Downing Street can’t confidently offer COVID cancellation insurance says something about where they see us in August…

Harry Fenn