Steady Rollin Steam Towards New Album with remastered Single ‘¿Donde Te Has Metido?’

Harry Fenn

Having won over the hearts and minds of the people of their native El Salvador, Steady Rollin have arrived in the UK to do the same to us. Their new single ‘¿Donde Te Has Metido?’ is to be released on the 24th of this month. The song is taken from their LP Stories which is expected this summer.

Although I was once proficient in conversational Spanish, this is no longer the case. But ¿Donde Te Has Metido? meaning ‘Where Have You Gone’ proves that your Spanish doesn’t have to be perfect to understand the song. The track is playful and emotional. Between the jarring opening to the time signature change near the end and the accordion battling for prominence in the mix, the musicianship is blatant and impressive.

There are hints here of classic rock bands, evident in the blues-infused sounds of The Who and Cream, but it feels fresh, like there’s been another element added. The skill of their songwriting shines through as the band shun technological trickery and return to raw, unfiltered rock music – and it works.

Earlier this year, the band released ‘Must I Die Alone’, the first single for the upcoming album: a much heavier track laden with distorted guitars and a driving bass line. The two are very different but pave the way for what promises to be a brilliant album.

You can watch the animated video for ‘Must I Die Alone’ here:

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