The Return to Music Festivals

Photograph: Joseph Olpako/WireImage

Over the last few weeks, I have heard a number of people saying that they have managed to book tickets for a festival or two this summer. Steve Heap, General Secretary for the Association of Festival Organisers stated that ‘having lost almost all of the industry’s 2020 events, festival organisers are very keen to stage whatever is safely possible over the remainder of this year’s season.’ In order for this to be possible, updated guidelines have been on the Purple Guide website outlining how festivals can be safely held. It’s very long so I only briefly looked at it because I don’t have the appropriate attention span for it but it looks like festivals this year will be (understandably) a little different to the last one you went to.

It seems then that there are measures in place to protect staff and audience alike but the one that’s really caught my eye is that they are removing the showers. So if last time you went to a festival you thought ‘this is nice but I wish I and everyone around me smelled worse’, this is great news! There will also apparently be better speaker systems allowing you to hear from a greater distance and raised viewing platforms which could be fun. But no furniture around food concession stands.

Personally, I think this sounds awful. But it always has even without the added threat of a deadly virus. So if you are going to the countryside to camp, drink, not wash and listen to some decent music from a great distance then be safe!

Harry Fenn