Reigno’s Epic Single ‘Three Fours’ Teases New EP

Harry Fenn

Ahead of his new EP, coming on the 7th of May, one-man hip-hop machine Reigno has released his latest single. ‘Three Fours’ clocks in at just a minute and a half but it packs a punch. The track is a fresh take on the sound of classic hip-hop artists and adds a cinematic feel. The lyrics are honest and confessional. In a time when more and more pressures are placed on people’s mental health, the content of this single couldn’t be more truthful. 

Reigno’s EP Content with Crazy channels intense feelings in writing the tracks, he drew from painful past experiences such as the loss of a close friend; this in particular is reflected in the track ‘Nothingness’. Awash with distant synths and pulsing bass, you can feel Reigno’s pain through the relentless rhythmic lyrics, which offer insight into his mind and are painfully relatable. 

Following bad experiences with producers, Reigno decided to take matters into his own hands and honed his skills as a producer and musician in order to make music he was ready for the world to hear. Everything you hear from him is real and honest. His talent oozes from every track on the EP as he wrote, produced and even directed the videos for the tracks. The latest single ‘Three Fours’ is well worth your time and I, for one, am looking forward to the EPs release on the 7th of May. 


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