Winchester 7 & the Runners’ distorted, ukulele-filled new track

Harry Fenn

‘When the World Stops Spinning’ is the new track from Winchester 7 & The Runners. This new fuzzy garage track is bound to get you moving and singing along with a driving bass and an inexplicably souped-up but awesome ukulele. The track is great fun, especially when accompanied by the video, which features ukulele virtuoso known as Winchester 7 in a variety of wigs and costumes. 

Fuelled by an obsession with Paul McCartney, the song is taken from the recent EP,Argos Holiday as Winchester 7 – known as Win – does away with the trials and tribulations of dealing with multiple band mates, thereby avoiding the typical musical differences and personality clashes you hear about so much in band politics. 

‘When the World Stops Spinning’ is a foot stomping few minutes of psychedelic rock conjuring vivid imagery through catchy melodies and blasting distorted ukulele solos. A track I’m sure McCartney would be proud to have written, his influence is clear in the track with McCartney-esque vocals, which ring through the exciting chaos of the backing. 

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