Ryan Soanes’ Reworked Love Song ‘Call My Name’

Harry Fenn

Earlier this year, Ryan Soanes released his first full-length album The Journey. The eleven-track LP is a real treat. Ryan manages to combine synths and acoustic instruments to formulate his own hybrid brand of pop punk/emo music. Now, one of the standout tracks from the album – ‘Call My Name’ – is set for an all-new, atmospheric lyric video. 

‘Call My Name’ is an honest and emotional track. On first listen, the production and static yet effective melodies reminded me of some of the work of Linkin Park. The massive synths in the production paired with the simple harmonies, punctuated by the prominent piano throughout, create a stunning atmosphere allowing the poignant lyrics to cut through; the melodies aren’t overly complicated, and this too forces the listener to intently listen to the message of the song. 

Ryan is dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues and The Journey raised money for the charity Samaritans as a way of showing his gratitude for the friends and family who got him through hard times. Ryan explains that the version of the song that was eventually released as part of the album is actually a reworked version of a track that’s been in the vault for years. Initially it was written as a heart-warming love song for a (now) ex girlfriend. The song was changed to create the epically emotional version that we can enjoy now.  

‘… it’s a happy song that went sad’

The whole album is well worth a listen as Ryan’s particular blend of sounds and expert songwriting reels you in song-by-song; his strength – I feel – being the catchy melodies that you will not forget any time soon. 

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