StarMoney and Snap Capone bring surprisingly positive message with new single ‘Catfish’

Harry Fenn

Trap and Drill music has long been associated with the darker side of life, with uncouth themes and subject matter. But StarMoney’s new single ‘Catfish’ has incorporated the sounds of Trap and Drill to make a positive change to young people’s lives. The new single is about the people Starmoney has encountered on his rise to prominence who portray their lives as much more lavish than they are in reality. ‘Catfish’ is his response to those who present a ‘perfect’ lifestyle online. 

‘Nowadays there are a lot of guys out there pretending to be gangsters or rich bawlers when really they are not. Instead they fool the public by using their Instagram pretending to be someone of money and power on the streets… and they use this act to gain status, publicity and fame’

StarMoney put in the work and became one of the most respected breeders of American Bulldogs in the UK. He’s turning that drive to his music career to apply the same principles. Crank up ‘Catfish’, you won’t regret it.

The driving beat and teeth rattling bass are perfectly matched to StarMoney and featured artist Snap Capone’s poetic verses are sure to hit the spot. Not to mention the steamy video which has amassed over 60 thousand views since its release earlier this month. The song is expertly crafted with catchy hooks, both lyrical and instrumental – you’ll be singing along in no time, and for some time afterwards. 

Starmoney aims to create conscious music that inspires young people to look at life positively and show them that there is more to life than drugs, knives and gun crime. 

The new single is out now and you can watch the video below:






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