Awards Wars

Featured Image by Nabil Elderkin

It’s almost Grammys day! Even before they’ve happened, this year’s awards are not without controversy. The Weeknd, who released the most successful single of the year has not been recognised for his efforts.

As a result, The Weeknd has announced that he will be boycotting the Grammys in the future, citing the ‘secret committees’ conspiring to snub him. Awards boss Harvey Mason Jr. who also vowed to review how the awards run has, of course, denied the accusations. It can be difficult to know what to believe these days when situations like this arise but I must say, it seems rather odd that despite selling 1.3 million album units in the U.S., The Weeknd failed to garner a single nomination this year. 

Meanwhile, here in the UK, the BRITs came under fire from Sam Smith after it was announced the awards would not be scrapping the gendered categories. However, the BRITs have not ruled out a change in later years stating that they are ever committed to evolving and conversations on the topic continue. 

Organisers explain that they fear removing the gendered categories would risk losing a platform for female artists ultimately leading to a significantly less diverse crop of nominees. Good god it’s depressing to know that that rationale is not completely unfounded. Last year, all five nominees for best album were male and Mabel stood out as the only female nominee for best new artist. And there were only two other female nominees across the four gender-neutral categories!

It does seem that gendered awards categories are fast becoming antiquated and problematic so the solution does seems relatively simple: scrap the gendered categories and stop overlooking outstanding artists!

Harry Fenn