DistroKid Announces Partnership with Snapchat

In 2018, Instagram and Facebook struck a deal with Spotify allowing music integration which has revolutionised the music industry. Social media now has the power to make a song an overnight sensation. Artists such as Drake enjoyed remarkable success with his single ‘In My Feelings’, which prompted a dance challenge on social media. It now has over 790,000 instagram posts attached to it. Subsequently reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and stayed there for 10 weeks as well as breaking the record for the most streams in one week with 116.2 million – the viral trend was surely responsible. 

Whilst it may seem then that Snapchat has fallen somewhat behind it’s competitors, Philip Kaplan, founder of DistroKid announced that anyone using the platform would be able to select an option to include their music in the Snapchat Sounds library and add their back-catalogue. This makes DistroKid the only distributor that is helping independent artists get their music on Snapchat Sounds.

Kaplan explains that Snapchat is one of the most popular apps in the world with ‘more than 265 million daily active users [sending] five billion posts every day.’ Snapchat has been growing their library for coming on a year now. With the rise of bedroom producers and the success of artists such as Chance the Rapper, independent artists are finding new ways to grow their fan base and make a living without ever seeking the support of a label. Could it be that with partnerships such as Distrokid and Snapchat and Instagram and Spotify, we are seeing the slow but inevitable downfall of major labels?

Harry Fenn