Kick off Mother’s Day right with ‘Breathe Again’ from Nickita

Not only has she produced an amazing track, but she’s released it for an great cause. All proceeds from her new track ‘Breathe Again’ will go towards the Childbirth Choices Matter charity.

Recently, due to COVID-19 and the withdrawal of personal insurance for Independent Midwives (IM’s), many have lost their jobs.

With her new track, Nickita is hoping to go some way to raising the £3 million needed to get Independent Midwives back to work.

Having suffered miscarriages herself, she understands how important IM’s can be for expectant mothers. Without their work, the birthing rights and choices are being limited for parents.

As well, COVID-19 has meant mothers are more cautious about attending hospital appointments. In turn, this means they are in more need than ever before for Independent Midwives.

Credit: Childbirth Choices Matter

The track itself is very soulful. Throughout, Nickita‘s voice is brimming with emotion and depth. This is something exhibited in the chorus of the song. It really helps display the artists amazing vocal range, while also pushing a fantastic message.

The song has a good tempo as well. It gives you time to contemplate and listen, without boring you or being too slow.

Ultimately, the best addition is the use of the piano. With a lack of studio sounds and a stripped back feel, the natural sounds help to humanise both her and the moral of the song. In turn, this helps us connect with her cause.

You’ll have to wait for Mother’s Day to be able to stream the song but, in the meantime, check out the music video for ‘Breathe Again’ now:

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