Son of Genesis star Phil Collins charged with possession of cocaine

Simon Collins, son of famous Genesis drummer Phil Collins, was summonsed to appear before Killarney District Court with possession of cocaine a year ago.

Simon Collins
Picture: Wikipedia

Mr. Collins, 44, has been charged with simple possession under Section 3 of the Drugs Act.

Also a musician in his own right, Simon Collins was charged on 18th January 2020. He was found to be in possession of cocaine at Derrycunnihy, Killarney.

John Cashell, solicitor of Mr. Collins, has asked to see all documents relating to the case. He claims he and his client will be contesting the case, as well as submitting a plea of not guilty.

Judge Waters granted Mr. Cashell access to these files, adjourning proceedings until April 20th.

Simon Collins is the former lead vocalist of rock band, Sound of Contact. He is also the son of Genesis drummer and solo artist Phil Collins and his first wife, Andrea Bertorelli.

Phil Collins
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