Simon Collins, son of Genesis drummer Phil, releases new album ‘Becoming Human’

In an interview with Daily Mail, the son of the famous drummer spoke about his fifth studio album, ‘Becoming Human’.

Simon’s new album is out now
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Based in a purpose-built studio in the rural depths of Ireland, Simon Collins says ‘I don’t feel like I’m entitled to anything because he’s my dad, [and] I’m not defining myself by what he’s achieved.’

Recalling memories of times he and his dad had spent together as a child, Simon spoke of the day Sting came and skinny-dipped in front of the whole family!

Sting came and he skinny-dipped! In front our family! And then he got out of the pool, hungry, and asked my Dad for some sausage rolls…

…Me and my dad had just come back from the store where we’d bought some sausage rolls because that was my thing, and I was looking at my dad like “No, please don’t give Sting my sausage rolls!”

Being the son of Phil Collins means you get your fair share of musical experience as well.

Phil Collins in his prime
Picture: YouTube

‘At the age of 12, Simon was drumming in front of 25,000 people on the But Seriously solo world tour in 1990. He recalls the ‘terror’ of his debut, for which he’d spent hours practising after his father had assigned him the song.

‘I’d learned my parts, and one night, he invited me to play, and I went up on stage and played Easy Lover with him. He chose a song that would be a little bit easy for me. But . . . wow.’

Although, he never had the chance to play In The Air Tonight, that was very much his father’s moment!

Becoming Human is out now, so give it a listen and see how he compares to his infamous father, the wonderful Phil Collins.

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