Welsh rockers Nia John & Wolf Storm release epic cover of classic power ballad

Drunken or not, we’ve all had a go at hitting the booming notes of Bonnie Tyler‘s ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ and if you say you haven’t, you’re lying.

However, some of us aren’t quite as good at it as others. Namely me, but we’ll save my singing for another day I think.

The latest cover from Nia John & Wolf Storm have taken on one of the greatest tracks to ever grace the British music scene.

Founded in 2019, the band have become well known for their accomplished covers. Front-woman Nia John has had the delight of covering powerful female artists like Bonnie Tyler and Pat Benatar.

At the same time, the group have covered rock legends like Guns N Roses, Fleetwood Mac, AC/DC and The Rolling Stones. All I’ll say is they must have a lot of confidence to take on some of the best known artists in the history of modern(ish) music.

The track itself contains the powerful voice of Nia, who stays true to the original emotions that Bonnie Tyler invested into the track herself.

Personally I’m a fan of the band sticking close to the original. Some tracks are not to be messed with and this is certainly one of them. In turn, it keeps the track familiar to those listening, stopping us from being totally alienated by a new version.

Alongside the cover, the band have produced a retro 80’s-style video, staying true to the decade that brought us this iconic song. However, it might be best to just put an epilepsy warning on this one, flashing lights are rather prominent.

Listen to Nia John’s cover of ‘Total Eclipse of The Heart’

In terms of execution, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. In the verses, Nia does a brilliant job, even making me question whether she’s just lip syncing Tyler‘s original in places.

During the chorus and power bits of the ballad, her voice doesn’t quite match the dizzying heights of the original. Though, replicating the work of Bonnie Tyler is a rather large feat for any artist.

Regardless, Nia’s tune is a brilliant effort and it’s a delight to see these important tracks being revamped.

Anyway, leaving you with a quirky fact to finish the review, Wolf Storm‘s biggest fan is an actual wolf! Zebb is sponsored by the band, who use money raised from gigs for his upkeep.

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