Country star Chris Andreucci releases new EP ‘What Don’t Kill You’

With a dream move to Nashville on the horizon, country star Chris Andreucci was all set to start his new life in the heartland of country music.

However, the Coronavirus outbreak stood in the way, affecting both Chris’ and the rest of the world’s plans alike.

Not allowing himself to be defeated, the Italo-Scot ploughed on to release his latest EP ‘What Don’t Kill You’.

In his own words, ‘2020 has been a crazy year. It was set to be a year full of highs – a performance at C2C Festival at The Hydro in Glasgow alongside my favourite artists such as Luke Combs, an EP launch and then a move out to Nashville in July.

…but in reality, like so many other people, the year was filled with lows. All my shows were cancelled or rescheduled due to COVID and as a direct result of this my visa application fell through as I had no activities lined up.

I’m looking forward to playing the rescheduled C2C gig in Glasgow as well as the Texas Scottish Festival, in Decatur next May’.

With such a bright future ahead, it’s clear to see that Chris is far more than your average country singer.

Picture: CAndreucciMusic (Facebook)

He proves this statement right on the first track, ‘Here Comes The Rain. With a twist on the classic country sounds, he incorporates a lovely bit of rock guitar to set it apart from the rest.

In a strange comparison, the opening bars are very similar to Avicii‘s track, ‘Hey Brother’. Now, I know that sounds very odd, but I personally quite like the vibe. Alongside this rhythmic beat, Chris shows us what his voice can do with some excellent range, brilliantly demonstrated by his rich voice.

However, not wanting to deviate too far from the Country path, the chorus takes you right back to some classic Billy Ray Cyrus. Excuse me while I put on my cowboy hat and spurs….

With me in full country mode, the songs just keep getting better and better. A personal favourite has to be the finale, ‘Freedom’. This track has a much calmer start than the likes of ‘Here Comes The Rain’, easing you in to the last track of this debut EP.

In the former, the vocals seem to take precedence over the music itself, allowing Chris to sign off this EP with his wonderful voice. However, that certainly doesn’t take anything away from the track as a whole. Again, he explores a brilliant range in his voice, showing some real emotion in his lyrics and style.

With this, you get the confirmation that there’s some real passion from the artist for what he does and what he’s created. A definite well done for one of Scotland’s young musical talents.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until December 21st to hear the full EP, but to get a taste for Chris‘ voice, follow the Soundcloud link below

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Written by Luke Green

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