80’s and 90’s star Killing Kenny returns after 30 years with series of new videos

After giving up on his dreams of being a rock star, Ken Sunter has returned to the fold.

During his previous time in the music world, Killing Kenny was in a number of bands during the 80’s and 90’s. However, as is true for so many artists, life began to get in the way.

As the years went by, his love for song writing never faded, with masses of potential waiting to be utilised.

Now back in the saddle, Kenny is calling out to others who are in the same position with a new series of videos.

Rather than follow a trend, Kenny wanted to do more than just release music. He wanted to take it that one step further and show the journey artists take to get to the final product.

Kenny explains that there will be ‘regular posts, a little like a musical soap opera, so you can see how I am developing and if you like what you see maybe you will bring friends to the party, helping me to travel with you all, as my back seat drivers’.

In his previous career, Kenny spent most of his time as a drummer for a whole host of bands up and down the UK.

Originally, he and his brother joined a band in Glasgow in the early 80’s and went on to perform around the nation.

As the band progressed, they recorded EP’s in the 80’s in London studios. Sadly, the band went their separate ways when Kenny’s older brother moved to LA.

Following this, he then joined a Manchester-based band who subscribed to the iconic style of famous groups like The Smiths and New Order.

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After being with the band for a brief period of time, he went on to join a London-based group. Whilst his main involvement was as a drummer, he always had a burning passion for songwriting.

After calling an end to his performing life in the 90’s, he went on to write material for both bands and solo artists, whilst also working on theatrical based projects in later life.

Kenny says ‘Music and writing has always been part of my life for many, many, many years. Sadly, it took a back seat, becoming more of a private hobby and some hard-hearted people may even say a self-indulgence.’

‘Then in 2019, I started to work on some new material, having spent time being taught the piano, to a level to be able to assist me in writing songs. By chance, the new songs were played to some old friends in the music business, with the material being well received.

‘It was this encouragement and spark that gave me the confidence to get back to doing what I love. At the age of 53 I have now embarked on a new era, as a singer/songwriter.

Picture: @killingkennymusic (Instagram)

A very interesting project indeed. To keep up with Kenny’s performance, check out his YouTube channel:


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