Title track ‘Freedom- A New Jerusalem’ gives insight into what’s in store for upcoming Jon Scott EP

Some could argue that the popularity of music makes it a perfect medium to help spread a message. Through ‘Freedom- A New Jerusalem’, that’s exactly what Jon Scott has done.

The London based singer and multi-instrumentalist tackles hard hitting first world problems in his upcoming EP from the struggle against Covid to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Having moved to England when he was younger, Scott has combined the afro-beats from his homeland Nigeria, with soul, gospel and jazz to create this truly unique sound.

The titular track, ‘Freedom- A New Jerusalem, is a clear observation from Scott about his beliefs and observations of the world today. The rough tone at the start gives the impression that this will be a raw expression of his thoughts, with no punches pulled.

The mix of lyrics and guitar at the start echo Michael Kiwanuka, with both artists stripping their songs back to basics to really emphasise their message.

The lyrics of the song are really powerful, with a catchy chorus to boot. It engrains in us the idea that freedom is something we should all be able to enjoy.

He successfully tackles some of the biggest issues in our world today, off-setting the severity of them with his melody and beat.

Towards the end of the song, the soul, jazz and Afro-pop artist brings in Martin Luther KIng’s ‘I have a dream’ speech. Adding this iconic phrase to the song really hits home, demonstrating that the inequality of the 60’s is still visible in our world today.

Picture: NPR

As the track begins to end, the lyrics switch to a group of people using spoken word to express the upbeat chorus. In my opinion, this leaves the listener with the final impression that this isn’t simply a song, but a rallying cry to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

The original inspiration for the song was the development of the ‘Trump Wall’, set to border the USA and Mexico.

“The inherent prophecy of the ‘wall theme’ then manifested itself in the on-street killing of George Floyd.”

“Then amazingly, we saw the outpouring of humanity, love and oneness in the BLM demonstrations all over the world.”

“For me, this is a vision of ‘a new Jerusalem’, a place where all God’s children can stand together as one humanity’.”

Jon Scott
Picture: Jon Scott Music

The artist believes, “the video will be a picture chronicle for the world of this amazing uplifting of spirit particularly for the future generations, as a benchmark of what we should be about as all god’s children.”

With the EP ‘Freedom- A New Jerusalem’ set to be released in Autumn this year, it gives us all time to think about the world we live in and how it may not be as perfect as we once thought.

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