New York based artist Jovian mixes mellow beats with rap in new single ‘Better’

‘Better’ is a great track, giving insight into a lesser known disorder called Synthesia. Brooklyn-based hip-hop and R&B Artist Jovian, who suffers from the illness, can smell, taste, hear, feel and see colours in his head that no one else can.

The artist was initially drawn to music at 11 years of age. At the time, he was dealing with depression, anxiety as well as body dysmorphia. In his younger years, Jovian went to acting school where he met Timothée Chalamet, the inspiration behind his previous hit single.

Throughout his youth, the singer, of Puerto Rican heritage, struggled with his mental health, turning to music to channel his frustrations as well as his creativity.

The track is all about how people should explore their world a bit more and the things in it. Jovian injects a lot of his personal life into this single, providing it with a truly realistic feel.

The chilled, laid-back flow grabs you from the start. It doesn’t switch you off from the track, but calms you down so you can give it your full attention.

The basic yet effective tune is also perfect for helping to display the fantastic vocal range of the artist. Jovian effortlessly hits note after note, really showcasing his talents as a singer.

This is further exemplified when he switches up the usual Weeknd-esque vocals for a rap. The best part being that the beat doesn’t need to change, it compliments the rap as much as it did the falsetto.

The light bop seamlessly transposes to both styles of lyric, showing just one of the many musical skills that Jovian possesses.

Picture: @jovian (Instagram)

This marriage of the two different genres helps to give the single a modern feel, lending itself to a number of audiences rather than one or the other.

Talents like this have been nurtured by Jovian, improved by his time at acting school and by way of dealing with his depression and anxiety.

The singer explains how he helped himself to overcome some of his troubles. ‘In 2013 I was sitting on the toilet and a passing thought came where I told myself: “Maybe I should take [anti-depressant] Lexapro?

‘In that moment I promised myself I would either kill myself right there in the bathroom or choose happiness.

‘Clearly I chose happiness because I’m here currently speaking about it. From that day on I promised myself I’d use music and any other art form as an outlet for my mental sensations.

‘Since then, it’s been my duty to not only expose Hip Hop to people who are ignorant or hateful towards this genre that saved my life, but also expose artistic outlets to kids who deal with what I dealt with’.

Fans won’t need to wait to get listening to this one either. This hip hop hit has already been released and can be listened on Jovian’s Spotify:

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