New Netflix docuseries to explore making of R.E.M classic ‘Losing My Religion’ as band release new merch

Have you ever wondered how artists come up with your favourite songs? Well wonder no more, the new series on Netflix is set to give an inside look at just how the best songs are created.

New series, Song Exploder, is a documentary series, exploring the way in which artists, like R.E.M, come up with tracks that stand the test of time.

The show will also go behind the scenes with artists like Alicia Keys, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ty Dolla $ to find out just how a great single is made.

Michael Stripe, from Song Exploder, said the premise and idea of the show is ‘so raw’. It’s as though ‘you’re opening your heart to someone, and you’re not sure where it’s going to land.’

The show itself premiers on October 2nd, shining the spotlight on these great artists and their creative talents.

It’s set to dig deep into the musicians creative processes, revealing some of their most intimate thoughts in the songwriting process.

To watch the trailer, follow the link below:

And if that hasn’t fulfilled your R.E.M addiction, then do not fear, the release of new merch is sure to get fans excited.

The tees will pay homage to the Monster and Green tours of the 90’s. The 4 new designs are all throwbacks to yesteryear and are available now. To grab one go to the official R.E.M website: