Blues Rock band Steady Rollin set to release fan favourite ‘You’re Mystical’ with UK remix by Elyse Rich

An unlikely collaboration between the Blues Rock and the UK remix scene has given birth to a truly unique track.

As fans of Steady Rollin will know, the El Salvador band pride themselves on their authentic style, opting to play most tracks in a live setting, without the aid of a studio.

However, with an injection of 80’s synth, the track allows them to dip their toes into a completely different genre.

For Steady Rollin, this will add another string to their already large bow. Their remarkable journey looks set to continue; after branching out from their native El Salvador, the band have ventured into North America as well as Europe. Now, they look set to take on the rest of the world through an entirely different music genre.

The idea of blues and dance coming together in harmony seems unlikely, but as the saying goes, opposites attract.

You’re Mystical retains the acoustic and authentic feel that Steady Rollin are known for, whilst opening the doors to others who may not have listened to them prior to Elyse Rich’s remixed edition.

The soft tones of Fernando Poma’s singing marry well with Elyse’s harsh beat, lifting the energy of the track as a whole.

While the lyrics remain central to the single, the dance element brings another dimension to Steady Rollin’s image. It shows how their music is not rooted in one particular genre, but that it can be adapted to a multitude of beats and styles.

Additionally, Elyse does a fantastic job of incorporating the bands original guitar sounds alongside her punchy dance anthem vibes. She gives the origins of the track time to breath and be appreciated, whilst coupling dance and blues as a pair to be enjoyed together.

Credit: Steady Rollin

The track itself is about a husband who’s trying to reassure himself of his wife’s love for him. As singer and guitarist Fernando Poma explains, “he loves her so much that he is afraid”.

To some, it may seem an unusual crossover, but for producer Elyse Rich, the aspect of self love makes it an inspirational track.

“it’s a song about self-love and self-acceptance. It’s an inspirational love song from yourself to yourself.”

“It expresses the depth of ways we can relate to ourselves and how to bridge the gap between who we have become and the longing to reconnect with who we know ourselves to be”.

However, to listen to Elyse’s remix, fans will have to wait until the 16th October for the single to be released.

The release of You’re Mystical as a single follows the success of the much anticipated full release of ‘Love & Loss’. The 10 track extravaganza is set to be released on strictly limited-edition vinyl later this year.

The album’s tracks contain a whole host of love-related personal experiences by band member Fernando Poma.

Fans across the world will be anticipating the release of Elyse’s single as well as ‘Love & Loss’. This amalgamation of genres seems to be the beginning of something brilliant for Steady Rollin and I for one am excited to see where it will take them next.


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