RELEASE: Senior – ‘Left Like This’

Written by: John Gibson-Baccoli

Senior is a 20-year-old solo artist from West Yorkshire, now based in Manchester. He’s returning bigger and better than ever after receiving support from BBC Introducing, Anne-Marie and Years & Years.

The single is yet another groundbreaking release from the young artist – who has leaped into the popular music scene with all guns blazing. Laced with catchy synths and soaring melodies throughout, ‘Left Like This’ is a true hit; setting the bar sky high for himself and other artists alike.

‘Left Like This’ is available on all major streaming platforms from Friday 14th August
Artwork by: Sawdah Asim

Following his latest release ‘Risk It All for Love’, he’s back with another track full of catchy synths, soaring melodies and emotive yet raw vocals. ‘Left Like This’ shows the harsh reality of where relationships can end sometimes, and how quickly they can turn sour.

Written from complete personal experience, Senior recounts “our long drives turned to dead ends” and “I knew from the start it was too good to be true”. This pure frustration is shown throughout the sad but fierce track, and he believes a lot of people will be able to relate.

Hear ‘Risk It All For Love’ HERE:

It’s one of many singles that will come out over the course of next year… I’m so excited for everyone to hear everything!

– Senior on his latest single ‘Left Like This’

This is sure to be one of many more masterful releases to come from ‘GetSung’s‘ Artist of the month, and as lockdown eases I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for any events with Senior’s name involved!

As mentioned above, the single is available from this Friday (14th August) on all major streaming platforms. In the meantime you can pre-save ‘Left Like This’ HERE:

Produced by: Wolfgang Pander –

Mixed by: Carl Culley –

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