JJ Draper Releases Gripping Single “…If You’re Awake In The Night”

Melancholy lyrics that loop around your mind and leave you clinging on to every word as if it’s your last breath: JJ Draper’s single, “…If You’re Awake In The Night” has dropped and it certainly hasn’t disappointed!

After finding myself mindlessly staring through my window for yet another day in lockdown, I stumbled across this absolute gem. Today JJ has released another teaser to his EP, “The Theft And The Flight” – Which is set to be released on the 3rd of July. His subtle, yet powerful vocals partnered with his gentle acoustic guitar open a whole new world. “What a god awful mess.” Suitably relatable to current times – and yet somehow this masterpiece strips away everything around you until you’re left with nothing but tranquility.

The song comes just over a month after his release of “Timshel” – another fine example of why JJ is easily comparable to Bon Iver and Nick Mulvey, whilst also creating his own world within his timeless harmonies and soft falsetto vocals.

Listen to “…If You’re Awake In The Night” HERE:

‘The Theft and The Flight’ EP

  1. That’s What I Call Progress!
  2. …If You’re Awake In The Night
  3. Timshel
  4. The Theft and the Flight

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