Wartoad pay tribute to ‘original punk’ Cliff Richard and celebrate his victory over BBC

Wartoad are at their most lethal when they’ve got a target in mind.

In previous Wartoad songs, Donald Trump and Leonardo Di Caprio have found themselves in the firing line but the latest musical grenade from their arsenal was aimed at the BBC.

The punk pioneers’ mission to take down the broadcasting giants spawned from an unprecedented invasion of Sir Cliff Richard‘s home. The star found himself victim of the BBC’s overreaching power, as they broadcast footage of a police raid at his own home whilst he was out of the country- despite no evidence of any kind of crime.

Wartoad hit back with a tribute to the UK’s king of rock’n’roll. The band have recorded a cover version of his first major hit ‘Move It’, to coincide with the 60th anniversary of its original release.

Having introduced rock n roll to the UK and becoming the first rock n roll track to top the charts, Cliff has paved the way for punk bands over the years to challenge convention and connect with an audience looking for new music with a new message. Whilst many have seen Cliff as the ultra-saccharine side of pop, over 750,000 people have viewed Wartoad’s tribute, turning the tide of opinion towards Cliff, despite the recent troubles the star has faced.

Though the connection between Cliff and punk may seem tenuous, Wartoad and punks around the world are flying the flag for Cliff as a champion of music regardless of genre, asking all music fans to reinstate Cliff as the king of UK rock n roll, and a defiant riposte to the BBC’s treatment of the music legend. With band members based in the UK, Texas, New York City and LA, the true identities of Wartoad are unknown, though their impressive respective careers have seen them play with everyone from Neil Young to Pearl Jam to Norah Jones.

Whilst paying dividends to the original version, Wartoad have given the song their stock-in-trade treatment. From the prowling tempo to the dissonant warp of the riff, Wartoad’s woozy ode to the king is quietly menacing.

The band are donating all proceeds from the release to Hacked Off, the pressure group looking to prevent press intrusions into peoples’ private lives. This is a rally call to music fans around the world to buy the single and send a Cliff Classic to number one in the charts. The time is now to celebrate one of the most inspirational music artists in modern music, from the Beatles to Motorhead, they’ve all looked to Cliff and now it’s time to repay the debt of gratitude.

Wartoad’s album ‘I Get High’ is out now.

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