‘No More’ questions left unanswered with Dan Stringer

Pop prince ‘Dan Stringer’ spills the tea on upcoming music, holidays’, first releases and set-backs. 

Q: We all go through rejection and struggles when working in the music industry. What’s the hardest thing you’ve found about working in the music industry? How do you spring back from set-backs? 

A: I think there are a lot of different kinds of setbacks you experience when you’re an independent artist as it’s not easy to be good at all aspects of promoting and selling an artist, I think by now I’ve overcome a lot of the initial challenges of making a debut as an independent artist. On another side of setbacks I’d say self esteem is probably the most honest answer, putting yourself out there isn’t easy and I think dependant on where you’re aiming to be that can come with a lot of pressure to take yourself seriously and if there is one thing I learnt from 2020 it was not to take myself too seriously.

Q: How would describe ‘Guilty’ as a track to someone who’s new to your music? What does ‘Guilty’ mean to you as a song? 

A: So Guilty is my debut single and the song will always be special to me, I would describe Guilty as a ‘stand up for yourself’ kind of track. When I was writing the song, I knew I wanted my debut to be straight to the point, honest and snappy. The lyrics of the song expand on a relationship dynamic where someone has been caught out cheating and instead of that being a problem for you it becomes a problem for them, because you are worth more than that. The meaning of the song grows with time, I myself find new ways to relate to it even though I’m in a very different place writing and maturity wise.

Q: Some people find it easier to start with beats, and other’s with lyrics. Where do you usually start when writing a song? 

A: The order is different every time, with my more recent writing I’ve found that writing to beats or creating a vibe and working from that is where I create my more modern tracks. I used to do all of my writing just with my guitar but as I’ve matured musically and wanted to be more experimental it’s almost as if my writing is enhanced by being able to really feel the vibe of the song whilst creating it. I have a lot of music I’m so excited to release in 2021, I feel I’ve come up to speed with where I’m at currently and writing from that when I used to write from old experiences etc.

Q: If you were to make a cameo appearance on any TV Show, what would you want it to be? 

A: Anyone that knows me know I’m a big talker so I guess a talk show of some sort would be fun, especially if there was a performance segment too! James Corden or Jimmy Fallon would be a laugh. However, if I had the choice to have a cameo in my own tv show then I would chose that every time! I always say I should have a tv show about my life because sometimes even I can’t believe what’s going on.

Q: How important do you find having a support network of other musicians around you when working in such a demanding industry, especially right now in such a confusing time for artists?

A: Honestly, it’s only in the last few years I’ve properly had a network of musicians around me that are actively working in the industry. Moving to Brighton in 2018 has been such a blessing in who I’ve met, all of my closest friends are musicians and there is such a huge amount of love and respect there that our time together is always so positive and exciting. My friends have some huge projects coming next year and I can’t wait for the world to see how hard they’ve worked!

Q: Any new music on the horizon? Maybe even a music video?

A: SO MUCH MUSIC. I’ve never been so excited to share music before, I mention earlier that I feel I’ve really matured in my writing and I’ve been pouring a lot into making sure these songs are as authentically me that they can be. Ever since I was a kid, writing songs, I’d always imagine ideas for music videos. I personally love to watch music videos, I think they can give a song a whole new narrative by just adding a visual. I have so many songs I’m obsessed with at the moment so I’m rooting for a few videos new year for sure!

Q: What’s was the goal for you and your music when you first started out, and how has it changed? 

A: Honestly, when I released my debut in 2019, the message of the message was ironically not the place I was actually in mentally. After my second release, I really struggled to write anything I liked, I didn’t want to write anything that wasn’t authentic so moving forward my writing has changed massively. I wrote a lot a lot a lot over the first lockdown, I consumed so much music that the writing was so raw and honest and it completely changed the way I write my own music now. So I’d say before I was just excited and wanted to get myself out there whereas now I just want to release things I’m proud of and work hard to see where it’ll take me.

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