Ireland’s Davie Furey set to release Celtic folk-rock masterpiece, Haunted Streets

Having received plaudits from the likes of Jeremy Irons, Christy Moore and Steve Wickham of The Waterboys, I’m not sure how impressive my review will be for Davie Furey, but here goes!

The Irish legend is set to carry on the success of his debut album ‘Easy Come Easy Go’, with the highly anticipated release of his second, ‘Haunted Streets‘.

With four of the 11 new tracks already rocketing to number one as singles on the Irish Singer-Songwriter and Rock download charts, it’s obvious that he’s more than just your average Joe.

With a tour being rescheduled due to COVID-19 restrictions, the new album comes at the perfect time for fans to appreciate the talent of Furey and the other musicians collaborating on the record.

Although it may not quite equate to seeing him live, the magic of his voice is can still be conveyed through speakers. For me, the two standout tracks have to be the Trump-damming ‘Flames On The River’ and the wonderful ‘Fire n’ Gold’.

As an opener, ‘Flames On The River’ does exactly what it should. Blowing you away with Davie‘s talent from the off, it puts you firmly in the mood for the next 10 tracks.

Retaining the folk vibe with natural sounding acoustic guitar, we get a feeling for what this artist is all about. Coupled with this are the heartfelt lyrics and vocal work that he graces the tracks with. When Davie sings, you can really hear the emotion in his voice.

However, as the song progresses, he takes us to the next level. Quickly, there’s an injection of pace that allows him to really showcase his vocal range and shine through on the first track.

An honourable mention has to go out to the drums though. By keeping a solid beat, it provides a sturdy foundation for Davie to work off. With ‘Flames On The River’ finishing on the drums, we get a moment to calm down and take in what we’ve just heard.

By not launching us into the next song, we get time to appreciate and absorb everything he’s had to say to us.

In ‘Fire n’ Gold’ he changes up his style slightly. With a modern electric guitar sound to kick things off, we’re given a different insight into his ability as a singer-songwriter.

Again, the drums remain poignant in this song and provide that perfect platform for the Irishman to display his vocal ability. In turn, we can once again fully appreciate the raw quality of Davie’s voice.

One of the most commendable things about Davie is his awareness to not go too far with this freedom. He exercises and showcases what he can do, without drowning out the other ingredients that work to create these mouth watering songs.

The only criticism I have of the album is the repetitiveness of certain tracks. While his skill is undeniable, I can’t help feeling some tracks are eked out for just a little too long.

Davie Furey‘s new album ‘Haunted Streets’ isn’t out just yet. For anyone wanting to hear this one, you’ll have to wait until February 19th. For now have a listen to his previous tracks on Spotify below.

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