Juga di Prima to revolutionise chess world with new single and event ‘Chess Divas’

Most of us have all seen ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ and had an insight into a world we may previously not have known much about.

It’s been so popular, the ‘New York Times’ reported that: ‘over the last year, sales of chess sets in the United States rose by around 25 percent, only slightly faster than the toy industry overall, but in the weeks since “The Queen’s Gambit” premiered, sales have grown 125 percent’.

Well, Juga di Prima is set to expand our horizons even more with her Chess themed extravaganza, ‘Chess Divas’.

In this new audio-visual event, the chess-obsessed singer is taking a look at the females of the sport, from the 1930’s to now. However, she’s certainly not new to the world of chess music (if that’s even a thing).

Previously, she’s released songs ‘Oh Capablanca’ and ‘Tactical’. The two are renowned in the chess world for their sensual edgy vibes, that many of the players enjoy.

As well as producing music, Juga has performed at a number of high profile chess events. From The World Chess Championships in London to The Global Chess Festival in Budapest.

Her amazing performances and dedication to chess has even earned her the accolade of Goodwill Ambassador for Artistic Values of Chess. The award is one of the highest accolades in the game and previous holders have included Yoko Ono.

photo: jugamusica

Her next venture sees her team up with some all time greats of the sport. She’ll be collaborating with Vladimir Kramnik, Anish Giri and former grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Juga has received all sorts of praise from a whole host of outlets. Chess champion and Olympic commentator, Anna Rudolf, said ‘every chess fan must listen. [It’s] Epic, moving; authentic’.

Llada Fide of the International Chess Foundation said: ‘Chess has inspired many writers and painters throughout history but until now, very few songs had been written about the game. Juga has filled that gap. She has become the voice and music of chess’.

To give Juga a listen, follow the Spotify link below

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