Female-fronted Metal Band Sepsiss Revive Your Inner Headbanger with ‘To Write Hate on His Arms’

Confirming that female-fronted metal bands offer some of the most diverse, powerful and intriguing sounds in the genre, Sepsiss bring you ‘To Write Hate on His Arms’. Fueled with grinding electric riffs, pounding rhythms and Melissa’s rousing powerful vocals, their latest track is a tribute to the malleability and stimulation of the world of metal.

Having already wowed crowds of their home state Manchester, NH, the band looks back to their rock hero predecessors Heart and Evanescence. Their composition of African-American writers add a modern take to metal where metro-metal ideas incorporate danceable beats and unpredictability throughout their music.

With their previous release ‘Eyes of Empathy’ being a perfect introduction to the band’s operatic washes of synth, Melissa’s crystalline vocals, William’s unearthly roar and pummelling bass and drums, Sepsiss now look towards the release of their forthcoming EP ‘Bad Blood’ on April 9th mixed by Glen Robinson (Annihilator; GWARQueensrÿche).

Whether it’s making their own wild costumes, banging out dazzling choreography and effects or even playing at venues from Walmart car park (yes, you read that correctly) to Cloud 9, Sepsiss are a band that will absorb you in the full metal experience.

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Twitter: twitter.com/sepsissband

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sepsiss

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/sepsissband

Website: sepsiss.com