Wartoad are good at two things: penning punkadelic anthems and rubbing people up the wrong way.

In previous songs, the punk pioneers have targeted the likes of Donald Trump and Leonardo Di Caprio, subsequently getting ejected from their digital provider and Youtube.

Now, Wartoad are on a mission to take down the BBC, after the television titans broadcasted an unprecedented invasion Sir Cliff Richard’s home. The punk pioneers have hit back with a tribute to the UK’s king of rock’n’roll- a cover version of his first major hit ‘Move It’, garnering a humongous 96,000 YouTube views in five days.

The controversial campaign has got off to a flying start by anyone’s metric and, true to form, Wartoad have successfully hacked off a bunch of keyboard warriors. Seen as there’s nothing more amusing than people impassioned with anger over silly stuff, we’ve compiled our favourite comments from the trolls on Facebook.

Spoiler: the word ‘shite’ is used more than once. Enjoy.

Not bad, cod do batter…

wartoad 5

Graham clearly hasn’t heard Yoko’s stuff.

wartoad 6


Goddamit Ray, would you speak UP.

wartoad 9

It’s the thought that counts.

wartoad 1

That is no way to talk about Cliff.

wartoad 2

All-or-nothing Anne strikes again.


wartoad 4



If you fancy sticking your oar in, head over to Wartoad’s Facebook.

Wartoad are donating all proceeds from the release to Hacked Off, the pressure group looking to prevent press intrusions into peoples’ private lives. This is a rally call to music fans around the world to buy the single and send a Cliff Classic to number one in the charts. The time is now to celebrate one of the most inspirational music artists in modern music, from the Beatles to Motorhead, they’ve all looked to Cliff and now it’s time to repay the debt of gratitude.

Wartoad’s album ‘I Get High’ is out now.