Swedish band Slim Loris have released achingly beautiful track Hideaway along with a video. The track is taken from their forthcoming EP 'Wild & Untamed'


An artist’s ability to transform personal pain into sonic pleasure is often their greatest asset. A band that know a lot about that process is Slim Loris. Formed in Sweden around 2009, the band comprises of singer/bass-player Mattias Cederstam, guitarist Robert Barrefelt, drummer Jonas Ellenberg and singer/guitarist Leon Lindström. Their earliest releases veered towards to the darker side of life, both lyrically and musically- and that doesn’t even account for the darkness that was manifesting off the record.

The previous two years have seen the band battling collectively through personal setbacks that threatened to throw them off course. “We started making plans for an EP almost 2 years ago but around that time I suffered a complete mental breakdown,” explains Mattias. “Too much stress and not looking after myself lead to a state of anxiety and panic attacks and I was incapable of doing music or work or most things.” Mattias’ breakdown meant the band were taken completely out of the game for nine months, and it took another nine for him to make a slow but full recovery. By winter 2017, the band had started making music again and returned to the studio to record an EP.

Now, the Scandi clan have begun gearing up for a new chapter in their career which moves away from the melancholia of their first three full-length releases and into more uplifting pastures. ‘Wild & Untamed’ sees a brighter, more optimistic band, evidenced nowhere better than on EP opener, ‘Mindghosts’, which was written during and about the journey back from hopelessness. “The breakdown experience could have easily lead to even more depressing lyrics,” Mattias says,“but instead it had the opposite effect and the EP became inspired by the journey back and by finding our strength again.”

‘Wild & Untamed’ is due for release May 2.


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